Welcome to Atomic Arts

Atomic have consistently remained one of London's leading visual effects boutiques for Television and the Entertainment industries since they opened in 1994. In recent years Atomic is gaining a reputation for their VFX work on London and Hollywood films, in what is proving to be an ever increasingly competitive climate.

Based in the heart of central London's post production and VFX mile, Atomic is a few minutes walk from all the major players in film production, consistently offering back up support to many London and Hollywood films like Into the Woods. Employing a core collaborative team of loyal senior artists, animators, and technical directors both in London and Worldwide, Atomic Arts is a refreshing haven in which to create innovative film effects, graphics and animation. 

Atomic value long-term relationships with clients. Providing fast solutions and affordable services from a project's conception right through to completion. Their creative team have always had the competitive edge in an ever-evolving art form and their vast experience ensures they will deliver on time and within budget. 

Recent satisfied clients include The Disney Corporation for 'Into The Woods', HQ Creative in Dubai for the 23rd National Celebration Event and Paramounts 'The Gambler' where Atomic were the sole VFX supplier. Atomic provided the projection mapped Premier event at the Odeon in Leicester Square for Kingsman The Secret Service.