Computer Generated Visual Effects has only existed, as we know it today, for 20 years, and Justin Cornish, Brooke Lyndon-Stanford (founders of Atomic Arts) have been a part of it from the start. Clwyd Edwards has recently come on board at Atomic, having worked at MPC for 15 years where he was the Global Head of VFX.  With over 160 projects behind them Atomic have a track record of being ahead of the game both in business and technology.  In the 1980’s Atomic were had a facility house in Bulgaria. Today Clwyd Edwards is helping take Atomic to new global dimensions.

Atomic links to the Film Studios in LA and Film Factory in Paris mean they are involved now focussing on VFX for film.  See recent work: The Martian, Into the Woods, The Gambler, The Escapist, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Fishing Without Nets and Winter.

Brooke Lyndon-Stanford (founder and CEO) is now the first London member of the Visual Effects Society to get on the board of directors